My name is Rob Roy.

No, seriously… For-realz! No relation to that other Rob Roy, but a name shared no-less.

I’m something of an artistic soul. I’ve written films, stories, books, novels and even music, some of which even sounded pretty darned epic once it was recorded.

You’re probably wondering what of my stuff you’ve seen or heard without realising. Let me speed things up a bit for you. You haven’t.

I’m an, as yet, undiscovered talent. Mostly because I hide myself away from the world and refuse to engage with it. that was until a good friend of mine gave me a verbal kick up the backside and told me to ‘sort my shit out or remain undiscovered forever’.

Well, maybe not quite those words, but that was the general sentiment.

I figured, the quickest way to get out into world was to have an opinion. I’ll share my thoughts and feelings on the stuff that I see and hear, and maybe it will help you make up your mind as to whether or not it’s something you want to consider for yourself.

Along the way, I’ll share little snippets of media I find on the web and a few little observations of my own from events that are happening in mine and other peoples lives. And because I’m completely independent with nobody to report to or affiliations to appease, you’ll be getting it from an unbiased source.

I’m basically a rogue reviewer. An outlaw, by name and by blogupation. This blog-space is my revue where I will share my reviews. And who knows, maybe after a while, I’ll stick some of my own works out in the mainstream for someone to return the favour for me.

Please make yourself welcome and come back regularly.


Rob Roy aka Outlaw

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